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Microsoft office 2016 marquee series (w/snap access + cmnd card) free download

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Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Information Protection. Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Power Apps. Microsoft Search. Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Teams. Microsoft To Do. Microsoft Viva. Office Office app. Power Automate. Power BI. Security and Compliance center. SharePoint Syntex. Universal Print. Windows Release phase Filter by feature or product release availability. General Availability. Targeted Release.

Targeted Release Entire Organization. The Comments pane is part of our effort to bring consistency to the reviewing experience and facilitate collaboration across Office apps and platforms.

Do you make use of repeated calculations you wish you could define once and reuse? In Jan , we released the End Early feature. Now you can choose between ending early or starting late.

This adds breaks between back to back meetings and gives people time to get to their next meeting. Earlier this year, we released Premium Creative Content, a growing in-app library of royalty-free images, stickers, icons, and more to help M subscribers express themselves. This feature has been temporarily pulled back and should begin rolling out again in February Make it easier to schedule online meetings with a new setting to make all your meetings online by default.

Your signature is stored in the cloud. Create it once and use it everywhere you use Outlook for Windows. Conditional Formatting dialogs are resizable, and you can duplicate a rule with a single click. Presenter Coach helps you prepare to give more effective presentations by evaluating you pacing, pitch, use of filler words and much more.

You can now export your queries into Power Query templates that can be used to create new Power Platform dataflows. Excel has a number of linked data types that you can use right away.

But, you can also create your own data type from any supported data source by using Power Query. Now, the Advanced Dialog allows you to manually select the columns which combine the Data Type you are creating. Use the Power Query Editor to create your own custom data types, load the result of the query to the Excel grid, and easily consume and explore the output of their query with interactive data cards and formulas.

To enable this feature, in the Power Query Editor, select several columns, move to the Transform tab, select the Create Data Type button. You can accept it by pressing tab. Communicate across languages with new translation features in Outlook for Windows. This feature allows you to translate full messages or specific words and phrases.

In a message, right-click to translate specific words, phrases, or the whole message. You can now proactively get grammar and advanced style recommendations as you draft your emails. This is our first foray into providing grammatical assistance by default in Outlook for Windows.

Check out the blue underlined and gold dotted underlines words to review our grammar and advanced style suggestions. Using Windows 10 in Dark Mode? Office can now switch themes to match automatically. With this feature, you can create custom data types from any data source and load them in the Excel grid as rich values.

This change also includes a new dedicated card surface for reviewing the suggestions. Keep track of emails you need to go back to or save as a reminder by pinning them at the top of your message list.

Data entry is a critical scenario in Excel, and having the Action Pen allows users to handwrite into the cells directly. Each Action Pen in every app caters to what is the high-level scenario for each app. For Word, it was making editing gestures and reviewing documents.

Visio Data Visualizer can help users convert their Excel data into high quality flowcharts, swim line diagrams, and org charts. These diagrams can be viewed in Visio, downloaded as images, printed, etc. They can also be opened in Visio for richer editing capabilities. Getting the information you need and easily refreshing it is critical to many everyday workflows.

You can now sort and filter your Excel file while collaborating with others with Sheet View. We added an option to quickly reopen items from a previous Outlook session. This feature is on by default. To configure the actions, right click in the Outlook message list and choose Set Quick Actions. Microsoft Stream lets people in your organization upload, view, and share videos securely.

You can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that your team needs. We previously enabled Stream as one of the supported online video sources in PowerPoint. We received feedback that users want more control over the folders available when a new file is saved. Below you can find the minimal requirements needed to run BootCamp. Also you can find a list of BootCamp versions needed to install the specific windows operating system that you need.

Also use the chart on this page to download updates for your Boot Camp. This update is based on the model of your computer, and some models are limited to their updates because of their specs. It may also be necessary to upgrade you computer to the latest version of OSX. A common misconception about BootCamp is that it provides a windows operating system to install. This is not true.

BootCamp will provide drivers and updates for your Windows operating system, however it will not provide the media to install the Windows operating system. It must be provided by the user. This can either be done by purchasing the product online or through Microsoft. However if you are are either faculty, staff, or student at UMass there are some options that may be available to you for a discounted version of Windows operating system.

If you are Faculty or Student either teaching or taking a course within STEM Departments, then you are entitled to a free download of Microsoft operating systems using Microsoft Dreamspark.

If you are Faculty and Staff, there is a alternative way of purchasing Microsoft products at a discounts by using the university Microsoft Campus Agreement. Information about the Microsoft Campus agreement can be found here. Finally there is the Microsoft Through Gov Connection, which is open to all student, faculty and staff, and allows you to easily purchase copies of Microsoft products. It often gives discounts to many of the products. Click here for more information.

Please use the youtube video below for a step by step tutorial for using BootCamp Assistant for installing Windows 7 or 8 on your Mac Device. If you have any trouble or questions, try the links in the troubleshoot question for some answers to some frequently asked questions. When things do go wrong, your first thought is always about the safety of your files — will you be able to recover them? However, many people do not see the value in doing regular backups, because they think that it is a waste of time.

Their rationale is that the probability that a computer will need to access the backup is small enough that waiting for the computer to copy over all of their files every time they do a backup is pointless. Rsync is an intelligent backup utility.

Instead of duplicating the entirety of the data which is being copied over looking at you cp , rsync will calculate the differences between what is being copied and what already resides in the directory, and will only copy over the differences. If the creation time and size of a file have not changed, rsync will move on without making any copies. Rsync will take about as long as cp to complete the first time a backup is made, but subsequent backups could be done in a matter of minutes instead of hours, depending on the frequency with which you back up your system.

This is mostly useful for creating snapshot copies of a system. If you would rather keep every file backed up, even if you delete it on your own system, this flag is not necessary. It is equivalent to the flags -rlptgoD. It performs a snapshot archival of the specified system. Finally, rsync has flags which let the user know what is going on during the backup process.

The -v flag stands for verbose. It outputs the current step on the screen, so the usre will know how far into the backup they currently are. In order to further modify the -v flag, you are also able to set the -h human-readable flag, which makes any sizes that the computer outputs be rendered as MB and GB, as opposed to full byte numbers.

This is an example of an rsync script command, which will take a snapshot of whatever is in folder 1 and store it in folder 2, deleting anything in folder 2 which is not in folder 1 and telling you everything that it is working on in between:. Ever wanted to have an Android phone but still be able to play Xbox Live games on mobile?

An upcoming handheld developed by a Chinese company called Elephone will be able to do just that! The new phone rumored to be arriving in June will reportedly be able to dual-boot Android 5. Although Windows phones are not nearly as common as Android devices and iPhones, they are still packed with plenty of useful features. Elephone is planning on releasing two phones, one just with Android and the second with the dual boot capabilities. Both versions will have large 5.

There will also be a a battery reported to exceed mAh For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a mAh battery and advertised for 21 hours of talk time. There are slight differences in the 2 handhelds as the Android version of the phone will contain a bit octa-core processor while the dual-OS phone will only contain a quad-core chip. Also, the Android-only handset will come with a 21MP camera while the dual version will only be Both are expected to also come with fingerprint scanners.

Between my job as a consultant here and on my travels using other peoples computers, I have developed only one irrevocable, unavoidable, instinctual pet peeve. I can deal with those. What bothers me the most is a dirty computer. A grimy, sticky, slightly yellowed keyboard with a splattered screen. Please understand that just like door knobs, steering wheels and phones, your keyboards will be handled more then anything else in your entire day.

If more then one person uses that same computer, then there is two people who have effectively swapped any grime, dirt, sickness or whatever else you call it. Cleaning a keyboard is easy. You can just take a cloth, and wipe gently across the keyboard with it. If there are any problem spots, just add a little elbow grease. You can do the same thing with a computer mouse and tracpad, just be sure to use only the recommended wipes.

Screens are tricky. Matte screens, as much I would like to clean them, are almost impossible to get clean, as there will always be streaks left over. For there, you can use approved isopropyl alcohol wipes, which come in convenient little packages that you buy in a box of 20 something. You simply open the package, unfold the wipe, and wipe. You should be done when the wipe is dry. You can also use any other approved isopropyl screen cleaner.

To get rid of streaks, use a microfiber cloth afterwords. This will eliminate stress on the hinges of the screen. Now that you have graduated you may be thinking about the future. On the other hand, you may not be thinking about the future. Either way, enjoy your week of cap throwing, social gatherings, and parents. If you are really late in the game, the government offers an interesting career path tool. That can help you figure out what you want to do with your life. Check out My Next Move to see where you should be going with your life.

Another under-appreciated resource is Linkedin. Recruiters are constantly combing through profiles and reaching out to potential employees whose skills match the job descriptions of the positions they are trying to fill.

There has been an increasing expectation for job seekers to have a Linkedin account, so having an up-to-date profile could be the difference between an interview and a paper shredder. Career Connect, a tool to search for jobs and internships and update your resume, is available for one year after graduation. Just keep in mind that Career Services will be transitioning to a new service this summer, so be sure to backup your resume and job postings by May 20th.

As an alternative, a similar non-UMass affiliated job search tool is Indeed. Whether you are a senior leaving high school or a recent graduate from UMass, knowing where to go next may be daunting. Maybe you already have a job lined up and you know exactly what you want to do with your life and what you will do with your first pay stub. No matter what, you can still check out this online career tool. Instead, I tried switching the answers in my head to see what my opposite result would be.

This was a fun game. It is meant to be a fully functioning computer, and setting it up includes plugging the stick to a USB port for power, and the stick itself to a HDMI port on a TV or monitor. You cannot help but feel a little astonished at how much Intel was able to pack into such a small package. Yet the first rendition of the Intel Compute Stick has so far been met with a fairly uniform reaction: fantastic idea, iffy execution. Turns out the Compute Stick was too small for its own good: it needed an HDMI monitor to be of any use; there is only one USB port to be used between a mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals; and since the Compute Stick is so low powered, it cannot reliably power both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at once.

So despite its tablet-grade specs and ability to run Windows 8. It will probably explode if you run GTA V, though. Intel needed to strike a balance between affordability and performance with the Compute Stick, and the result was an underwhelming performance complemented at a decent price.

With the Compute Stick, however, Intel might be onto something. Whatever they do with the next iterations of the Compute Stick will determine its fate as a niche product or a mainstay in the future. We take for granted the lonely audio paradise that is our personal set of headphones, but there will come a time when you have an insatiable need to let everyone around you experience the re-released album from an obscure Uzbekistani progressive rock band whether they want to or not.

When that time comes, you are going to need speakers. Real, audio producing, jaw dropping speakers. Your speakers are mediocre at best. You just have two little itty-bitty speakers that have been jammed into your laptop. You are doing whatever music you are listening to a disservice.

The sound is distorted, muffled, and just bad. Right now, you should be feeling a little embarrassed and certainly bummed out. I know the feeling. We all need laptops, and they can only fit speakers that are so big. But there is one thing you can do that will make you, everyone around you, and your obscure music feel much much better: get good speakers.

Or just get any speakers. Anything other than laptop speakers. Today, we are going to fix that by going through some basics on which kind of speakers you can buy, and what you should look for in each. Now, all of those make sense, right?

First one is maintaining a budget here. Next, is keeping functionality in mind. Sound quality is a funny thing. What may sound good to one person may be nails on a chalkboard to someone else. It depends on a lot of factors: what kind of audio quality you play, the acoustics of the room, if there is any ambient sound around, or even if the track is equalized or not.

Now, you can get into a lot of technical talk about the frequency ranges for tweeters and the power of amps. But unless you are a dedicated audiophile more on that later none of those really mean anything. So honestly, what I mean when I say speakers should sound good, I mean speakers should sound good to you. The most important thing when buying speakers is to test them yourself. Also, try to get something that uses real instruments, unaltered vocals, or lays off constant sampling. Be sure to test different systems to get a wide selection of what they all sound like as well.

With that all out of the way, lets get down to business. These are the hip new thing out there. I recommend these kind of speakers to anyone who is on the move, outside, or finds themselves working in different places all the time.

Perfect for the college kid who tends to be all over the place. They are easy to connect to with any laptop or smart phone. Despite how good they sound, there are some issues with Bluetooth speakers to be aware of. These run on battery, so unless plugged in, they will not last forever. Finally, please be careful with these, as they can be easily stolen or lost due to their small size and portability.

If you are really ambitious, you could even spring for a setup with more then two speakers, or even separate bass. For a dorm, these are perfect: they are small, easy to pack up when you leave, and not something to worry about getting stolen.

However, while these may fit your needs, you may lose some audio quality. Also, you may have to invest in an auxiliary audio cord to connect your speakers. Most college kids, recent grads, and office workers would have stopped and settled for less with their audio equipment, but not you. You seek the holy grail of audio equipment: the stereo system.

This is the final frontier of audio. You will have something to supply the sound, a receiver to direct, distort, and amplify it, and multiple speakers of different sizes to play it. You are now an audiophile, a lover of good sound equipment; someone who will always take quality to the next level. Your system will deliver high quality sound and most certainly knock your socks off.

If this is you, you need a stereo system. Create macro to turn Protection off, do the sort and then put protection back on. Select subtotal cells 3. F5, Special, Visible cells only, ok 5. Create autonumbering sequence e. In A4 type 1 B. No 3rd party software needed 4 ISO images. ISO images are now virtual discs. Stop Outlook using pop-up windows File, Options, Mail, Replies and forwards, tick Open replies and forwards in a new window. Open command prompt, R-click title bar, Properties. Use Windows 8.

Huge file size but not much in it? Want to highlight a complete block of data quickly e. Fiasco stranded in Sorrento port. Package trip a disaster. No reps available. Want to edit an existing email? Right-click Normal stylesheet icon, Modify, New Docs based on this template. Want to locate all your formulas? This easy command will highlight them all for you.. Add frequently used folders to your Library in Explorer 1. R-click on the folder 2.

Include in Library, pick the 1 you want. Display tab, tick Read-only, OK. Click Ribbon Display options icon top right next to? Auto hide Show tabs Show Tabs and Commands default. Great 4 sharing pic on blog etc. Windows 8. Disable preview pane! Not sure what your quota is? R-click status bar, Click Quota Information Ur available quota shows bottom left side status bar. Might encourage business to finally adopt. Want to remove your password? Learn PowerQuery from Microsoft.

Set emails to auto destruct after x days: 1. Start email 2. D-click Shape tool to select all nodes of selected object.

It preserves page formatting, timestamps, and adds the source URL. Exclude specific words with the minus sign eg F1 -Vettel. Make sure the analysis toolpak is installed for more functions.



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