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Microsoft word is probably Microsoft”s most used application. Furthermore, it is one of the most user-friendly apps you can ever come across; even kids can have a shot at it. However, most of the features are similar in all the released versions. As such, no matter how upgraded or most recent version is, the primary purpose is the same for all of them. All the features that each of these versions has are all aimed at making the Word processing experience better.

Nevertheless, the whole experience differs from a different version. You can reform size and adjust your document for the print type of your choice. You can comfortably access these versions through your web browser.

Moreover, in addition to saving your documents locally, you can keep them on a Microsoft cloud system. In a cloud system, you can access your work whenever and wherever you need them.

Multiple individuals can edit the same text, unlike in the older versions, which dictated one user at a time. Each of these versions is compatible with a later version of itself.

As such, if you have recently upgraded to a newer version, no need to worry that your documents will not open. Ms word flaunts multiple and diverse formatting features that seek to make document editing perfect. In consideration of features and better document processing capabilities, this is how each of these versions stood out:.

This could be viewed in the following perspectives:. Before the release of this version, security was not a consideration for word developers. However, this version attempted to keep in check the security aspect by introducing a protected view. Such allows you to view a risky document in a sandbox. Backstage is a simple interface that relieves the ribbon of carrying all functionality tools and features.

Once your text is secure, you can then choose a preferred sharing option in the backstage. With older versions, some editing tasks like copy-pasting were quite a hustle. Such included the following:. Initially, when you fired up WordWord, a blank document was your first stop. In the left pane is a list of your recent works, while on the right pane is a collection of templates.

A design format tab was also added for more formatting options. There was always the problem of scrappy work whenever many people edited a document. However, with the Simple Markup tool, the word solved this issue. The app displays the final edited text but shows lines where the work was edited.

You can always access your document for editing through your browser on your PC or tablet. Word made working with images easier. Traditionally, with older versions, editing PDFs called for extra plug-is or workarounds, but with word , this is a functional feature. For those working with numbers, this is a time-saver tool. To access this tool, you select “Equation, Ink Equation” in the insert tab. A canvas is consequently unleashed from whence you type your equation.

You can also concurrently edit the same document that you have saved on OneDrive or SharePoint with your friends. Here is the most recent, most upgraded, and most advanced version of Word. Such include:. Language is no longer a communication barrier with the Word You can even rotate them up to an angle of degrees. Incorporation of this feature allows you to write, draw, or highlight texts in the most natural way. So, what are you waiting for? Trang web. This is how these different versions compare against each other: What Do Microsoft Word , , , Have in Common?

Supporting Diverse Usage Ms. Compatibility Each of these versions is compatible with a later version of itself. Formatting Features Ms word flaunts multiple and diverse formatting features that seek to make document editing perfect. All these features are present in all versions of Word. How Does Each of these Version of Ms. Word Compare Against Each Other?


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