“From Gadgets to Getaways: 10 Must-Have Raffle Items in 2023”


It’s important to stay economical with raffle baskets to ensure you boost ,

  1. Gift Card Basket

Gift card baskets are a cheap and easy way to give attendees different options within a single raffle basket. This is an easy and effective way to put to use all those gift card donations you’ve compiled!

By working with local restaurants, retailers, and other businesses in your area, you can items to raffle a beautiful raffle basket that people will actually want to bid on.

Look through your items to raffle gift cards and assemble items that have wide appeal:

  • Ice cream stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Sports and athletic cards
  • Local restaurants
  • Music, or Music provider cards
  • Electronic stores
  • Travel or entertainment certificates

When asking local businesses for gift cards, remind them of the business that stands to come into their store from the winner: it’s a win/win for all sides!

  1. Subscription Basket

Subscription raffle baskets are a great last-minute idea for fundraisers that don’t items to raffle to break the bank.

Your procurement team can gather up a slew of subscription certificates for a single basket, or separate them out into separate baskets with supplemental offerings, like movie snacks or a bottle of wine.

On the cheaper side are entertainment streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, which retail for $5 to $15 a month. You can also get a little fancier with wine clubs and meal service kits, which tend to be a bit more expensive.

  1. Lottery Ticket Basket

Lottery ticket baskets are a gift that keeps on giving.

Lottery ticket raffle baskets can be as cheap or as expensive as you want (props if your team goes all out on a Powerball ticket!) and, when arranged in items to raffle engaging way can look like a fun way to spend a few bucks!

Plus, because the winner of this raffle basket stands to win an undefined amount of money, many fundraiser attendees see bidding on a lottery ticket basket as a sure way to offset their ticket spend.

  1. Handy Helper Basket

The best kind of inexpensive raffle basket is the free kind, which makes handy helper baskets such a treat.

All you need is a person from your organization (or outside your organization) to auction off their handyperson services for the day.

Typical items and items to raffle included in the handy helper raffle basket include:

  • Running errands
  • Landscaping and yard work
  • Babysitting services
  • Pet sitting or pet walking
  • Carpentry or light construction help
  • Electrical or plumbing work
  • Technology or computer assistance
  • Photography or video services


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