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Software activation in FileMaker, Inc. Recent versions of FileMaker Pro support local activation. This means that activation takes place on your PC or Mac and does not require an Internet connection or activating by phone in order to use the application.

The following table outlines the versions of FileMaker Pro that support local activation:. Depending on the version of FileMaker Pro you are using will determine what actions downnload need to perform when installing FileMaker Pro on a new or other machine. If you are transferring a version of FileMaker Pro that supports local activation, perform these steps to move your copy of FileMaker Pro from your “old” computer to your 2 free download computer.

If you are transferring version of FileMaker Pro that supports online or phone activation, perform these steps to продолжить 2 free download copy of FileMaker Pro from your “old” computer to your “new” computer.

NOTE: If your most recent activation was completed via the telephone, the subsequent deactivation or transfer must also be completed via the telephone. You will have to contact Customer Support. For additional information on Activation, 2 free download here.

If you dowmload uninstalled FileMaker Pro from your old machine without deactivating please contact Claris Customer Support. Skip to Main Content. What happens if I get new computer and want to install FileMaker software on the new computer?

Versions of FileMaker Pro that support Local Activation FileMaker Pro 10 and above If you are transferring a version of FileMaker Pro that supports local activation, perform these steps to move your copy of FileMaker Pro from your “old” ссылка на подробности to your “new” 2 free download. Backup any of your FileMaker Pro files you want to move to your “new” computer.

Uninstall FileMaker Pro on your “old” computer. Before Uninstall your software make sure you have your license key. Contact Customer Support to determine if you need to exchange your license key. If Customer Support has provided an exchanged license for your FileMaker Pro 9 gree FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced then follow the directions in your exchange email to reinstall your software.

Install FileMaker Pro on your “new” computer using the same or compatible license key. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Ask A Question. Support For Local Activation.



Software Update: FileMaker Pro Advanced


Unless noted otherwise, information in this guide pertains to both platforms. To send your feedback on this guide, visit the FileMaker website. For the most up-to-date version of this guide and other FileMaker documentation, see the Product Documentation Center. FileMaker Pro Advanced automatically checks for software which include minor software changes and for upgrades to new software versions which include new and changed product features.

You cannot upgrade your software for new and changed features this way; see Upgrading FileMaker Pro from a previous version. FileMaker Pro Advanced software comes with a unique, character license key. Your license is on that page. 2 free download you purchased a boxed version of FileMaker Pro Advanced, your license key is in the box. Do not lose your license key. You must have a valid license key to install the software. Keep the license key in a safe place in case the software ever needs to be reinstalled. Make a backup copy of your FileMaker Pro Advanced software download in case you need to reinstall software.

See this article in the FileMaker Knowledge Base. If you’ve installed the FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced trial version on your computer, you can convert to the full version of FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced by entering your license key without uninstalling the trial version first. You also convert your trial copy by entering an 2 free download license key and the license key from an eligible earlier version.

See Help. If you choose to uninstall the previous version before upgrading to the latest version, make детальнее на этой странице you have the 22 key for the previous version. Увидеть больше the file, Assisted Install.

For information on licensing, visit the FileMaker website. If you are using a supported bit version of Windows, you can install only the bit version of FileMaker Pro Advanced. On supported bit versions of Windows, you can install either the or bit version of FileMaker Advanced. You must install the bit version of FileMaker Pro Advanced if you plan to use FileMaker Pro Advanced with a bit version of any of the following software:.

The Bonjour service enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Without Bonjour, you must manually enter the host names or IP addresses for remote hosts.

You can use Settings or Www.file, Panel in Windows to uninstall FileMaker Pro Advanced, replace missing or corrupt files, or change which features are installed. When you repair FileMaker Pro Advanced, you may be prompted to enter your license key. Here are some suggestions on how to get started. Some features 2 free download FileMaker Pro Advanced require additional software.

Feature Software requirement Send Mail script step using an email application A supported email application. See FileMaker Pro Advanced technical specifications. This requirement does 2 free download apply to SMTP mail. Install the upgrade using your license key. See About the license key. Move plug-ins, dictionary information, and your preferences to the new version of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

See the FileMaker Knowledge Base. If you plan to use only the latest version, 2 free download the previous version. Exit other open programs and save your work. Check that your computer meets the system requirements and has the required Windows updates installed. The Microsoft require Internet access to download the necessary files. To install FileMaker Pro Advanced, you must have Windows administrator privileges and use an administrator account and password.

If your computer is running virus protection software, 2 free download it off before you FileMaker Pro Advanced, and then it back on afterward. During installation, you can choose whether to install 2 free download program features complete or portions of the program 2 free download.

For example, you choose not to install certain features in order to save disk space. A complete install installs FileMaker Pro Advanced in the language version you choose at the start of installation. You can install 2 free download language versions by choosing a custom install, then selecting other language packs from the list of supported languages.

You can also install FileMaker Pro Advanced using the command line and remotely using a networked volume. By default, FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced is installed in one of the following folders. See Before you install.

After downloading the file for the or bit version of FileMaker Pro Advanced, double-click the installation icon. Open the Files folder, 2 free download open the Bonjour folder.

Open the bit or bit folder, based on your источник статьи of Windows. Double-click the Bonjour bit Bonjour64 bit icon. Follow the onscreen instructions. Quit other open programs and save your work.

Check that your computer meets the system To install FileMaker Pro Advanced, you must have macOS administrator privileges and pdf expert 2 page view free download an administrator account fgee password. During installation, you can choose whether to install all the program files standard install or portions of the program custom install. A standard install installs FileMaker Pro Advanced in the language matching your operating frre.

After downloading the file, double-click the disk image icon. To view self-paced video tutorials autodesk inventor 2016 update 1 free download building custom apps, visit the Custom App Academy may not be available in all languages.

For additional training, visit the FileMaker website. A supported email 2 free download. 2 free download


Before you install, confirm that your machines meet the minimum requirements. See the FileMaker Server system requirements. You can use Admin Console on machines that have network 2 free download FileMaker Server and a supported web browser.

For additional information about supported clients and licensing requirements, see the FileMaker Server system requirements. FileMaker Server uses a license certificate to set the license key. Do not lose this license certificate. Keep a copy of the license certificate in a safe place in case the software needs to be reinstalled. You received an email message with a link to your 2 free download download page.

Information about your license certificate is on that page. The license certificate ensures adherence to the end user license 2 free download. If the license key is invalid or if too many installations of the software with that same license key are running on the network, the FileMaker Server software displays an error message. You can import a new license certificate for FileMaker Server 18 on the same machine to do the following:.

This section explains how to install FileMaker Server on a single machine. To install on more than one machine, see Deploying Frde Server across multiple machines. FileMaker Server requires a web server in all deployments. The web server serves web publishing clients, hosts the web-based Admin Console application, and handles some data transfer FileMaker Server requires that port 80 is available for web connections and port is available for secure web connections.

These ports are used by FileMaker Server even if web publishing is disabled. If the FileMaker Server installer detects existing websites using these ports, you 2 free download disable those websites and make the ports available.

In the server computer’s firewall, open the necessary ports so that FileMaker Server can communicate with administrators and clients:. If the machine has antivirus software installed, you may need to disable or uninstall it before running the FileMaker Server Do not allow antivirus software to scan the нажмите для продолжения that contain hosted databases or the folders that contain перейти for container fields that store data externally.

For best performance, run FileMaker Server on a dedicated machine reserved for use as подробнее на этой странице database server. When FileMaker Server is hosting many clients or a large number of databases, uses a high level of processor, hard disk, and network capacity. Other processor-intensive software or heavy network traffic on the same machine cause FileMaker Server to run more slowly and degrade the performance for FileMaker clients.

Follow electronic download instructions to download the installation disk image and fdee certificate file. Place the license certificate in one of the following locations:.

Note: In Windows, you can specify a non-default location. See Installation notes. If the user fee you specified does not have sufficient privileges for FileMaker Server to run, the installer displays an error message. Assign the user навел acronis true image 2017 black screen free download Все and password to use whenever you log 2 free download to Admin Console as the server administrator.

Note: User names are not case sensitive. Passwords are case sensitive. Important: The PIN value can be set during installation only. If you do not have Bonjour for Windows installed, you are prompted to allow the FileMaker Server installer to install it.

If Bonjour is not running, you are prompted to run it. Tip: Write down the IP address so that you can start Admin Console from another computer, if needed:.

See FileMaker Server Help. In many environments, a single-machine deployment provides sufficient performance for hosting FileMaker WebDirect solutions. However, if your server regularly has close to FileMaker WebDirect clients, you can deploy FileMaker WebDirect worker machines in a multiple-machine deployment, to allow additional clients to access FileMaker WebDirect solutions or to enhance security of server components.

But 2 free download a multiple-machine deployment, you can place the most sensitive data residing in the Database Server behind the firewall and give clients access to worker machines placed in front of the firewall. In a single-machine deployment of FileMaker Server, the following components are installed on one machine and that single 2 free download is the master machine.

In a multiple-machine deployment, the machine running the Database Server is called the master machine. a multiple-machine deployment, you deploy FileMaker WebDirect worker machines that include only two components: a web server and the Web Publishing Engine. worker machine does not have Admin Console. The master communicates with the worker to configure the settings on all machines and monitor the status and activity of all components.

However, a worker machine can handle Custom Web Publishing requests from users because it provides routing services. For best results when hosting solutions that use Custom Web Publishing with PHP, put all the PHP webpage files in the appropriate FileMaker hosting folders htdocs on the master machine on all worker machines. Important: To enhance the security of your database solution, especially when it is available узнать больше здесь the Internet, use a firewall with your FileMaker Server deployment.

Also downlozd SSL for the web server. See FileMaker Security Guide. You can first deploy one machine and then add worker machines to accommodate more FileMaker WebDirect clients.

For information on installing FileMaker Server in a single-machine configuration, see Installation quick start single-machine deployment. When you install FileMaker Server on machine, publishing is disabled by default.

Benefits: This is the easiest deployment to set up and administer if you don’t need web publishing. Note: Even when web publishing is disabled, FileMaker Server requires a server to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks. Benefits: This the simplest deployment with web publishing and the one frre most FileMaker Server users will use.

This configuration is suitable for small deployments up to 50 FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Go combined and limited web publishing. Источник статьи Under normal circumstances, a single-machine deployment can only accommodate up to FileMaker WebDirect clients.

Each worker machine can accommodate an 2 free download FileMaker WebDirect clients. You can also enhance the security of your 2 free download by placing the master machine behind a firewall and placing a worker frer in front of the firewall.

FileMaker WebDirect requests are redirected based on the number of worker machines installed. See Considering database performance. Master: Ports 80 and must be open. Ports, and must be open. Ports,,,, and must be available. Worker: Ports 80 and must be Ports,,and must be available.

Install the FileMaker Server software first on the master machine and then 2 free download the worker

Then use the Deployment assistant on the worker machine to configure free multitrack ableton 10 suite live SSL certificate and to connect to a master machine. Important: Install the same version of FileMaker Downlosd on the master machine and the worker machines. When running FileMaker Server in an environment that uses a firewall, be sure to configure the firewall on each machine to allow FileMaker Server to communicate.

For a complete list of ports, see the FileMaker Knowledge Base. FileMaker Server enables port to allow Zabbix passive checks and port to support Zabbix active checks. See Monitoring performance with Zabbix. The following illustration shows the ports that must be open in a firewall in order for FileMaker clients and Admin Console to communicate with FileMaker 2 free download. Install FileMaker Server on the master machine first, then on the worker machines.

The instructions for installing on the master machine are the same as on a single machine. See Installing FileMaker Server on a single machine. A Server deployment can have up to five worker machines. The following process adds one worker machine to a master machine. Follow the same process for each worker machine you want to add to your deployment.

Note: If you set up a machine rownload a worker and want to it to a master, uninstall and then reinstall FileMaker Server. Note: The Deployment assistant requires and cookies to be enabled in your browser. Optionally, you can stop now and start the Deployment assistant later. 2 free download deploy FileMaker Server later:. Http:// certificate is intended only for test purposes.

A custom SSL certificate is required for production use. See Requesting an SSL certificate. Click Add to Master to connect the worker machine to the master machine. When you see a message that the worker is successfully connected, the worker has been added to the master machine. Windows: 2 free download can install FileMaker Server in a non-default location including a non-boot volume, but not on remote network drives or external removable drives.

During installation, if you specify a FileMaker Server user account other than the default, the specified account must meet the following requirements:. If the Admin Server process does not respond within 60 seconds to the FileMaker Server installation program, the following message appears:.

Http:// the Admin Server process by entering the following command in a command prompt Windows or the Terminal application macOS :.

If you cannot start Admin Console from a remote machine but you can from the master machine, the most common solutions are:. Web browsers may display a certificate error or warning message when you use an 2 free download connection to go to any web page hosted by the 2 free download Server web server. 2 free download Console is a web-based application that lets you configure and administer FileMaker Server, work with and www.filemaker.dom/software/filemaker-pro-17-advanced hosted databases and clients, and track statistical information. For detailed information, see FileMaker Server Help.

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